I’ve been thinking… Hey Fox has been wavering between these one shot jokes, running gags, and little sotry-like arcs. Do you think I should keep going like this, and just go with whatever comes to mind, or should I try to concentrate on one style or another. For example, most of the characters are, so far, just foils for Fox, who himself is just a 2D “every-geek” of sorts. Things like Rai’s attraction to Fox, and how Fox might feel in return or what the heck is there between Fox and Pixi, and why are they living together have only been hinted at and never really discussed. I get the feeling all of the characters in Hey Fox are sort of flat right now. This has been some what intentional, in fact, because it allows for easier jokes and one-off’s without worry for stuff like “well would she really do that?” and such. On the other hand, I am a writer before I am a sketch artist, so doesn’t it make more sense to concentrate on the writing and character more than these little short shots?

Opinions would be much appreciated here.