And no I’m not speaking in the “I am Fox” voice.

So considering the conversation that occurred here last week, I suppose this might look like I was fanning the flames, so let me assure you that I had this planed before that. Truth be told, I had this planed before than. Actually, I had already inked this. :: grin :: So what do you think? This is a different sort of joke than I have leaned on in Hey Fox so far. A 4’th wall breaker of sorts, I’ve never really been able to pin down what the status of an authors comment was if it doesn’t actually interact with the characters. Is that a broken 4’th wall?

So… this is a teaser, of sorts. There is a script for this, they are actually having a conversation. I bet you don’t know what it’s about. :: grin ::

Oh, and despite the fact that both characters are male, the humor here is not based on normative values, I think. The humor is on the reader, and the readers expectations… It strikes me as I type this now, that this may be an extremely dumbed down (read “lame”) webcomic reflection of “Waiting for Godot.” I’m not asking that you remember the conversations with a possibly fictitious thief on a cross (one repents the other doesn’t? :: grin :: ), but still the joke relies on the readers investment in what’s going on… Is that arrogant?