Looking back over this little venture, I’ve gotta say I’m sorry. I enjoyed teasing at it, I even liked some of the comics that came out of it, and the ideas that I can use for later jokes, but it’s a bit much. This is a danger that i’ve been dodging so far by keeping things overly simplistic. See, when I write I tend to write heavy on the character. In order to avoid a comic that is nothing but character description or exposition, I’ve kept everybody over here pretty shallow… well that also bugs the hell out of me so I guess it couldn’t totally last. Every once and a while I’ve gotta try to provide at least a bit of insight into who these people (furs? beings?) really are. Ya, it might not look like it but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than I’m willing to let on, even with the stuff that’s not based on IRL stuff.