First off, Hey Fox has updated again. I had pretty much completely forgotten that I was coming up on a milestone, so i totally missed doing anything for my 200’th comic which, it turns out, was about 8 comics ago. :: lol :: Anyway, todays comic is a return to the “Fox and his pickup lines” joke. I have to admit, I really like these but I’ve come to wonder if some of these running gags or repeated jokes come across as just hackneyed. I mean, there are a lot of comics out there that tend to shy away from repeated gags because they just get old, have these? My returning bits essentially coming down to Fox and pickup lines, Fox’s exploding head, and lusting after [insert female here]. Has this gotten old? Should I start looking for a new pool of jokes?

Perhaps in this very train of thought, I’ve been contemplating a Sunday strip. Specifically an “in game” series with some of the characters in a sort of DnD or other game-world setting. At first I’d thought about using it for a plot line, but I thought it might be interesting to do the in character bits in color and the real world stuff in the usual BnW. Because of this I thought it might work better as a weekly special. Opinions? Would this just be treading the same old, overdone, geek jokes and dice humor? Or do you think it would be interesting to see these guys role playing characters, and to retread some of the classic “Armor of Bling” jokes?