And the first steps… or perhaps just laying around… in the Hillsfar jungle.

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again, and if any of you remember Fox and Rai’s adventures in Sheltervill than this might seem familiar. Welcome back to the Halloween Cameo Caper! Check out the main hub here:

I’ll note specific comics as they make appearances, and hopefully Fox and Pixi will show up somewhere else as well! This is going to be a LONG month in terms of my getting all these out, so wish me luck. As for the comic itself:

Six panels take a long time, even reusing assets. Although I generally like ow expressions turned out on this one, I particularly like how Kitty turned out. The all-fours wasn’t so hot, but her meditative look in the last three I think worked quite well. I’ve been thinking a lot about my comics style lately… but that’s for another day. Until then, enjoy the caper!