Ok, so I never did hear back about those who are (sort of) visually referenced here, so now I’m going for forgiveness if not permission. (Although I don’t think either of them would really mind).

Anyway there are a couple of things going on here. First, drawing a bowling alley was actually a lot of fun. SO MANY STRAIGHT LINES! I usually hate backgrounds but this one was less frustrating than most. I like having jokes that work in the background, completely apart from the characters that are talking/the focus, but it’s difficult to make the room for them. I think this is just a layout issue that I don’t have the skill for.

Part of the conversation here, is that I realized I never really got around to discussing who these characters are when they’re not hanging out and joking with each other. For example, Mykie working as an animator is important to the character, but I’ve never really talked about it.

As for the pictures this time around, I’m messing around with drawing scenes from further away to get in more of the physical of what’s happening… I don’t know if I like it or not yet, but it’s different. I also find it a lot more difficult to keep consistent detail when the characters are so small. Part of the challenge here was conveying a sense of how much time passed during the conversation portrayed. It makes the background joke a lot more funny (I think) to understand that Fox and Pwyll bowl a full frame each during this comic… Oh well.

So thanks and apologies to Tygrahof and RatGirl for (unintentionally) lending their likenesses for background characters.