Thought it might be a bit odd that their team sport was guys only… I guess that explains it.

This one took SO long to draw and color! Trying to separate out foreground, front characters, middle ground, back characters and background… Layers… Too many layers. Still, I think it turned out fairly well, and I like the light effect in panel three as they pass somebody driving the other direction… Although clearly I’m not confident enough about it to let it go without comment and expect it to make sense… >.>

Drawing this I realized that this is the first time that LB and G have made appearances since the style rest. (Well this is G’s second I suppose, but that’s a linguistic distinction, as his last appearance WAS the style reset…)

Still, I G’s coloring and I’m looking forward to drawing him more in the next couple weeks… This little thing might take a while…

I hop you like it. Enjoy the SLAM!