This Years Cameo Caper is a little smaller than usual.

Still, who could turn down a costume party in Shelterville?

Oh, and looks like Fox actually decided to buy that dress? Pixi dressed up as Champion, and Fox as Lillyfeather.

Say hi to:
Stefan and Queen Karen from Dawn of a New Era. The Queen in classic masquerade style, and Stefan… apparently caught some episodes of Miraculous Ladybug?
Fear, and Marion from Do You Like Fear Fear… doesn’t much need a halloween costume, and Marion getting into character in his bartender getup.
Gertrude & Brunhilda from KAMics Gertrude went full Pumpkin costume, Brunhilda just decided to go a bit more seasonal theme.

And check it out! KAMics has a page up too!

Also Jenny Anywhere to kick things off!