Hey… is… uh… is there anybody out there?

So yeah. That was a bit more of a hiatus than I meant for it to be… But… HEY! Fox is back!

I’ve actually had this comic finished since just a little bit after I stopped posting but… well… I just kinda thought if this was the last comic to go up, and then nothing posted for “a while” it would be… A bit dark. (Was supposed to be a month or two but… eh… almost a year.

That said, hey, I have actually been working on a lot of other stuff! Most of the Hey Kitty related projects are still in process, but we’ve been going strong on the comic itself (Check it out here) and keep an eye on the Hey Kitty Patreon for more!

Also check out the new Pear comic over at In Darkness Kept!

And guess what… NEW COMIC NEXT WEEK TOO!