Poor anthroids are just exhausted. Pixi too.

I can only imagine how overwhelming it would all be. Going from never making a decision for your self, never having to make a decision, or hold any opinion, to having ALL THESE OPTIONS pushed on them in just over a day… I think I’d be exhausted too.

So, this has come up a few times before, but it’s a piece of the Hey ‘Verse… ergonomics? Furgonomics? One of the differences in the world is that there are public showers all over the place. They’re almost as common as public bathrooms. A lot of that has to do with musky species like foxes and skunks. Part of it is also that gender and sexual acceptance is at a level that means people are more comfortable being naked around one another.

That said, I’m not sure Fay and Ed would be this comfortable around just about anybody else.