Once again, to continue the tradition, the last comic of the Halloween Cameo Caper is late… Though not quite as late as it could be!

Also, like, late today since Fox has been super sick this week.


Ok, lets see if I can run down everybody who’s hanging out here:

From Kaza and Gwenna
Kaza at the bar
while Gwen Davis and Jenny Anywhere are-

From Unluckies
respectively hit on and talking magic with
Dart and the magical girl Lilyfeather

From D.D.S.R.
June, dancing away.
Experiment J-I-14 seems to have caught the Blair-Witch-itus.

From Do You Like Fear?
Marion seems to have been tapped to playing bartender.
And with Lamb on the keys.
Fear is just… doing the creepy thing…

From Tim and Garry
Tim and Garry play cards


From Karabear Comics
Eiderdown hanging out
The Runner enjoying the piano
The Swimmer and Flame Thrower at the bar