Which is probably along the lines of what that bartender heard… I think he’s a koala? Not really sure.

I like the visual gag of the glass, but I don’t know if it comes across when you’re not looking for it. This one feels kind of mediocre to me, art wise, but I grinned all the way through drawing panel 4. I just like her expression while sipping her drink too much.

Anyway, she’s finally got a name, so I can stop referring to her as “the bat.” So yeah, her name is Squeek, and yes it’s a nickname. A couple of you that I know out here know here name, but I’m wondering if anybody can divine what it might be from that little image there. Curious.

So this finally rounds out this little joke (that turned not so little.) Stay tuned!


Oh, and maybe buy some stuff. ^.^