I haven’t had Rai or Drake in on way too long.

Ok… So maybe Fox has been a bit whiney lately. It’s a good thing he has good friends that are willing to give it to him straight.


Well that could have been phrased better…

This is sort of a… transitionary look I think? I spent quite a while working on updating Rai’s look. I didn’t really do much for Drake. I’ll likely go back and work on both of them at some point… I actually really like how Rai’s eye markings turned out. The color is a bit different, but unfortunately in the dark of the bar it doesn’t show up much.

Rai looks a little irritated in panel three, but I think it’s understandable considering their history, don’t you? On the other hand, I think Rai turned out kind of adorable in the last panel. ^.^