Fox isn’t, it seems, the fastest mind around, but he does eventually catch up. Kitty and Lowki, fortunately are willing to wait for him. If you’re not sure what Fox is talking about, well look a ways back and remember that he did deserve Pixi’s revenge. Actually that reminds me, still one of the regular search terms that garners me a hit or two a month remains “gluekake.” That never fails to make me chuckle.

As for this one in particular, I continue to like how Kitty turns out the most, although Lowki looks particularly adorable in the fourth panel. That could just be that shi’s handing off a glass of whiskey though, so that helps.

A couple of you saw that I streamed this while I was drawing it over on U-stream. I enjoyed that, and will probably try to do that again. If you didn’t get to see it, keep an eye on my twitter feed and I’ll announce the next one!