Welcome to the island of Kokotomo, this years site for the Halloween Crossover Cameo Caper!

Apparently Honey decided she trusted Fox, or at least, trusted him enough to risk it in the name of going to the beach!

Ok, so I’m gonna try to keep these lists up:

In the background of panel three you can see an angry Flamtrhower from Karabear Comics: Presents.

Panels four and five welcome back our good friend AbĂși (who doesn’t look quite as excited to see Fox as he is to see her) from AbĂși’s Travels (where things have taken a bit of a time-loop through Hey Fox) and Aggie and Jenny from American Gothic!

Finally there’s a little peek in the background of panel six at Dispawn and Arianna (well, kinda, she’s behind him) also from Karabear.

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