They do seem to be having quite a good time… And most of them might even remember it!

Ok, two things that I was either reminded of or realized while working on this page. First, I was reminded that I haven’t actually said like… anybody’s names here so:

Bethany, obviously, the li’ll lioness.
Blake, the lion, and Bethany’s big brother.
Chance is the cutie rat boi.
Rosario is the Buff wolf
Clover is the Pink rabbit

I also realized that, there’s no liquor in this scene. Now part of that is… glasses are difficult and tedious to draw. But I also realized that I was falling into this like, TV-show style of “you can show kids, and you can show liquor, but you shouldn’t show them together.” kind of thing. Like, obviously the adults are drinking more, and apparently Bethany is getting more “kitten shots” but like, it feels less dangerous if I don’t actually SHOW that?


Oh! Also I made some kitten shots on my cocktail stream last week. Delicious!