Been a hot minute since we’ve back at Fox’s place, huh? Pixi’s had time for a new color.

Fox really should not have expected much in the way of sympathy. “Oh no, my coworkers are hot and horny! Whatever am I to do?” Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll help him work out any remaining frustration…

OK… Trigger warning for the next bit here, so feel free to ignore this. : Death, family, grief.

My dad passed away suddenly a couple weeks ago. I’ve been out helping mom, but will need to get back to… normal? Work and all that, soon. That said, I’m not sure how much of a disruption that’s going to be for the comic, so please be patient. Remember, you can swing by the Discord any time to chat and get some inside scoop on what’s coming up. Thanks y’all. Tell somebody you love them today.