Fox was into wrestling when he was a kit, even got to go to a live show once with his dad! (See, that’s my late fathers day thing. Seriously, thanks dad, I love you!)

Anyway, it seems that Shane not only was, but remains, a super-fan! He’s got a belt and everything.

Originally I was going to have him pinning Fox in a figure-four or some such… but then I tried to actually draw that and… No. Just… No.

Still, I love how casually Squeek flops on the couch and just lays out. ^.^

So, I’m trying some new stuff with comics soon. Specifically a competitive comic thing over at EnterVoid. The idea is that it won’t get in the way of Hey Fox, but between family and work time has been short. Nothing here should change… I just might not be getting as much sleep for a bit.