Two update in one week!

Well It’s that time of the year again. Once more we begin the Halloween Cameo Caper 2012! (Well ok, not once-again 2012… Oh you know what I mean.)

Once again Fox is pining even though, as Pixi points out, he seems to make his own bed when it comes to that. Still sort of like when somebody asks if you’re a god, if somebody asks if you want them to open a inter-dimensional portal (particularly when you are in need of a change of scenery) the answer is ALWAYS “Yes.”

I haven’t been using Pixi enough lately. I’ll have to remedy that. Her new style is also fun to draw… and it doesn’t have so many SPOTS! >.>

I like the look of Kitty’s charging bed… I’m not really sure why.

Oh, and this isn’t just our first steps into the Dimensional Nexus of Tyrion, it’s also our first (sort of) cameo for the month. Well on a very light level. I wouldn’t expect anybody to be able to figure it out, but the code that Kitty uses there is actually Gnomish Transportation Protocol from Abúi’s Travels. (Well technically from The Rogues of Clwd-Rhan)

So go check out what everybody’s getting up to at the central hub here!

This is only the beginning.