Fox trying to get the name of the bat… There seems to be an issue with her and memory loss.

Ok… So Fox’s head is too big. I don’t know what happened. You might not believe this but what you see above is actually AFTER redrawing, shrinking and redrawing again. I just couldn’t get the proportions right! Pixi, on the other hand, remains one of my favorite characters to draw. She’s all curves and fluffy with some fun sass… Or maybe I’m just over-thinking things.

On that note, I really like how she turned out in panel 4. It wasn’t until after I had finished coloring how much that expression and pose pulled from anime. Clearly I owe a lot of my style (if I can call it that) to manga and anime, but sometimes some of the more Japanese specific tropes sneak in. I think I’ve mostly managed to avoid giant sweat drops and speed lines, and I don’t think anybody has held one hand flat in front of their face while they apologized, but there are bits that make it in anyway. Perhaps they have been around long enough in the American conciseness to be part of the generally accepted visual lexicon?

Or maybe I’m just over-thinking things.