Ironically enough, the first comic that deals with my current job (well one of my current jobs) hits right after I finish a run of the job, and won’t be back until next month. :: lol ::

I don’t know if the jokes really made it across this time. Perhaps I’ve been trying to squeeze too many gags into the strips. The overly enthusiastic friendliness of the random displayman, thumping Fox on the back and his wheezing was, in my head, a funny sight gag. On the other hand the gigantic space that Fox has to “fill” is supposed to be another. I’m afraid that I didn’t get across how big the space was, or how much work that would entail. Maybe because I’m trying to base this too much on RL stuff, and it always takes me a few minutes to explain what I do anyway, there’s just not enough room for it in the strip… :: shrugs :: ah well, most jokes from here on out about work (that I’ve written at least) are more about paper work, so it doesn’t have to be so specific.