you might notice something a little off about This one. No, it’s not that the humor is lame, or that the joke doesn’t make sense to anybody but me. Does everything look a little… washed out? Faded? Well I didn’t notice until I was just about to upload this that I had, somewhere along the line, picked the grey that I usually use for the speech bubble border, instead of the true black that I use for the line work. :: lol :: Well I didn’t feel like redoing all of my line work, or trying a “select color” and darkening it all, as that seemed to create some weird artifacting, so just figure… I don’t know… maybe it’s a foggy day in there. :: shrug :: whatever. OOh ooh, and now that I look at it again, I also forgot Cid’s face-spots. Though at least I got his tear-lines so he’s sort of recognizable.