This week’s cameo is Abúi from Abúi’s Travels!

Her particular inclinations on costuming lean, lets say, towards Fox’s taste. And she’s a redhead. (It’s a fox thing.)

Yes, the Halloween Crossover Cameo Caper continues! Remember to check out the hub here and see what everybody else is doing.

I’ve been digging through the archives of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and really enjoying it a lot. I’d suggest you check it out. (Although it’s a little NSFW, as per the comic above.) As such though, I’ve been a bit nervous about this one. I want to make it (as close as I can get) to worthy of the cameo.

That sounds like I’m down on the other comics in the crossover, but that’s not the case. Really it’s just that I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one in particular. ^.^

I’ve always rated this comic as MA, but I have’t really taken advantage of it much. I don’t want to come off as porny, or cheese-cake for the sake of hits, but I do like having the freedom to play around with a little more adult content… I’m not saying that I’m going to get into a bunch of sex scenes, just that it’s on my mind.

Also I’m kind of tired right now so this is getting rambly… I might edit this later. >.>