There’s hopping a train, and than there’s hopping a train!

Fox, once again, displays his natural grace. (While Kitty continues to upstage him. Silly kitty.) As the Halloween Cameo Caper continues Fox and Kitty meet up with some old friends.

I’d rather have a single comic per cameo but I’m running out of time. Still, say hi to Bobby and Sally from Life and Death, and to Gertrude and Brunhilda from the KAMics!

This one took me WAY longer than I intended to, but I like (most of) how it turned out. In particular the first panel makes me chuckle, and I really like how Kitty turned out. I wanted to dig in a bit deeper with the whole catching-up schtick but I couldn’t really figure out a way to be funny about it. So you get this!

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