And finally, all this delay and crossover, and preparation and all that, comes to a close!

The grand adventures of Pixi and Fox in the Hillsfar mountains conclude with a resounding… thud.

Poor kitty.

Remember, check in with the rest of the caper over at the Cameo Caper hub:

So here we go. I’ve been working on redesigns for months. Everybody is getting an overhaul. Some more than others, obviously. As I draw them over and over again, I’m sure more will change, but the general idea was to add a bit more detail. Not so much to be less toon, but more to be a higher quality toon. ^.^

Once again there are a bunch of little details that I would be shocked if anybody noticed. I’ve already pointed out Fox’s shifting eye-color (although that may or may not stick around), but there is a certain energy flow going on here. The rest of this might be a little too inside-my-head, but read on if you’re curious:

The energy of the teleportation “gun” (although wether it teleports matter, or simply shifts consciousness to another possible reality is another question entirely) is blue. The plotonium is yellow. If you look close in the nexus of the portal that Kitty has been maintaining and than expanding, the two combine to a third green border energy. Likewise the venting on the “gun” was blue, but there is an encroaching green and than yellow that feeds back along it in the last two panels.

Any questions?

As always any and all feedback is appreciated. Hell, it’s a lot of why i keep doing this!

I’d love to hear what you think about the new designs, and any ideas/changes/whatever that comes to mind!