Fox can be artistic…
Fox is not particularly crafty.

G can cobble together a teleportation ray from gear he picked up at the local hardware store.
Fox tries to write a program and it’s comparable to computer lobotomy.

Why he would try knitting? Most likely it’s just because Alex is cute and she wanted to teach him.

I struggled with drawing this one. It took a LONG time. I don’t really know why. I like how it turned out, I wasn’t doing anything particularly complicated, but for some reason every step just seemed to take forever! I do like how panel four turned out in particular. Fox shows a fair amount of motion, but more I like how Alex turned out.

Oh yeah, and do you remember Lodos? I keep thinking about using him, but it looks like I haven’t actually drawn him since Christmas/New Year, and before that Christmas of 2010… so wow.

Been thinking about plot… I shouldn’t do that, it’s a gag-a-day with occasional short arcs… Still, characters, growth, change… Dangerous thoughts.