I’ve been asked before “Why do all of Fox’s friends have big boobs?”

Answering “Most of them are based on real people” seems to be a lacking answer… As Fox admits, though, perhaps there is something of a “type” in effect here.

Anyway, this is another comic based on a real conversation.

I had a hard time drawing last weeks, not sure why, but this week it was pretty easy. On the other hand, I find that if I’m not focusing on it I don’t have much trouble but since I’m directly commenting on breast size, all of a sudden I couldn’t draw boobs to save my life. Weird illustration issue: The fifth time you erase and redraw a pair of breasts, it’s really hard not to feel at least a little creepy about it. Like “Seriously, I’m just trying to make sure they look right and proportional” starts sounding kind of flimsy when you’re half an hour into working on nothing but a characters boobs.

On that note, enjoy!