Hey… So… It’s been a bit.

Life has been real intense lately. So… Back to the comic!

Not sure exactly what Fox expected to happen, but apparently “everybody is happy and getting along” is not it. I wonder if maybe he thought they’d all get together and want to oust Shane or something… Whatever he expected, it’s going badly for Fox in the best possible way. ^.^

This comic took me, literally, three times as long as my usual comic to finish. Just TOO MANY CHARACTERS! I’ve really got to learn to write to what I can do instead of write first and try to figure out how to draw it afterwards. >.>

On a style note, I’m really happy about how Kitty turned out. I don’t have her with a lot of other characters often, so it’s good to have a reminder that she’s sort of half-sized.

Missed a couple weeks… Might try to make up for that…