So their relationship has been a little… complicated lately.

Serious stuff first. There is some comedy to be had, I think, in the subject of transgender issues but I am wary of stepping on toes. Still, this comic is (in large part) inspired by my life so these things that involve me and my friends are going to make their way into the comic. If I make you uncomfortable, let me know! I’m not saying I’ll change anything, but I do want to take your opinion into account.

A note on timing. This comic was supposed to post Monday June 24’th. I’ve been busy and did not get it finished until last night, so it posts today, Wednesday June 25’th. Last night was interesting. A mini revolution happened in Texas over a women’s rights bill that culminated in the first ever (as far as I’ve seen) crowd sourced filibuster and the ensuing drama. More importantly Prop 8 (Yes, I am a Californian) was struck down as DOMA was ruled unconstitutional. That being said, when I wrote this comic, I had no idea when the DOMA ruling was going to happen, and did not intend to post it on the same day.

That being said, I’m glad. I like the timing, I think it’s somewhat fitting.

Ok, serious stuff done for now, back to my usual dribble.

I haven’t drawn Lowki much since the style update, and that gives me some freedom to continue to play around with the styling. I like this current hair style, though I’m not sure how long it will stick around. (And yes, there is NO consistency to how “hair” vs “fur” works in the Hey Fox ‘verse. Maybe I’ll get around to worrying about that when I can draw everybody’s head the same size from panel to panel.)

Panel two, I like in particular. I think I got some good expressions. Also WAY more text in this comic than usual. Well, than I usually post. this is about how most comics start and then I trim them down and trim them down. That being said, you can imagine how much text there was before I trimmed this one down to here!

What do you think? Is Fox really as comfortable with Lowki as he says?