I hate backgrounds. Why do I set things in locations that require backgrounds? I don’t know, because I’m bad at this I guess. Still, yay falafel truck?

This has been building for a bit, and though Cid is not generally the friend that Fox would rely on for relationship advice there is something to be said for his particular brand of insight here…

The original joke here was supposed to be the the “willing to date me” bit in the last panel, but as the drawing and the lettering progressed it shifted somewhat to the second and third panel joke, leaving the “Squeek is Mykie light” joke as just a framing. Oh well, I still really like how Fox turned out in the last panel. I think I got a lot more out of his expression than I usually manage too!

It dons on me as I type this; We haven’t seen the Copyright Fairies in a while… Might have to do something about that.