Can you tell that it was a little warm when I drew this comic?

I actually think I don’t take advantage of the mature rating I’ve tagged this comic with enough. not that I want it to turn into a porno or something, just that I don’t need to shy away from being a little risqué.

I really like how Kitty turned out in the first and last panel. I like getting to show off her lounging around, she’s a lot of fun to draw.

As for the joke, I can’t help but ponder the mechanisms of a self-aware computer intelligence once and a while. There’s a lot “more” to Kitty than when I generally get to delve into in Hey Fox. On the other hand, I’ve been enjoying contemplating it and I’d bet that more will seep into the scripts as they come. Where exactly do Fox and Kitty stand with each other these days? What has their casual comfort and familiarity developed allowed to develop, if anything? And what does it mean for Kitty that she is… Not entirely like her sister and brother anthroids?

Food for thought!

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