Apparently Cid’s got a lot more going on than his friends suspected…

And apparently Cid is also completely unfazed to see Lowki looking like this… or he’s still in shock. Could go either way. Fox curses, which doesn’t happen as much in the comic as it maybe does on this side of the screen, but I think it sells the punchline here.

I totally got to re-use backgrounds on this one! Saved me like an hour and a half!

Oh, and I think Lowki turned out particularly cute in the first panel.

As a side note, one might be wondering what exactly the layout of this bar is that it has an “upstairs” where one might have a room. But you’ll notice that Cid and his cougar are standing by an exit door. There are rooms for rent above the bar, but not through the bar. The hotel is a separate business.

And yes, I think about these things ahead of time.

And no. I don’t know why.