So now I can get rid of that irritating flashing 404!

Yeah, I know it’s taking a long time these days, but I’m trying to get better about it.

Anyway there’s been a lot of work going on around here, moving the site and all. As for this comic, I actually really like how the Fox’s expressions turned out in panels one and three. I’m really not very good at colors, but I think the characters are alright. The apartment always looks too drab to me, but when I try to add more details it gets super crowded. I haven’t quite figured out the happy medium yet. Maybe I need textures instead… yeah… because what I need is one more thing to slow the production down. >.>

For those of you keeping score: No, this is not in any way based on real events. I have never seen Secrets date seduced by guys at a party, and I have had no nudity heavy party time with that particular combination of females in my life… Which is probably to the benefit of my mental health.